In this section, we will list periodic updates concerning important news flashes.  This section is not to be confused with our journal's section in which our periodic personal journals will be listed.  


Update July 25, 2002

Well we finally got things organized, finalized and the final chapter of our current  day to day life.....over.

We are leaving today for Toronto, where we will stop in at Genco Marines to have a Bimini & Dodger (cockpit enclosure) installed.  We are estimating that it will take us two weeks to arrive there because of stop-overs in certain towns.  We are doing the tourist thing during our travels and we promised each other not to stick to any schedule.  What a life, we will never be late for  any appointment ever again.

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Comments and suggestions for our journals and website are starting to come and they are all good.  So keep them coming.


Update July 12, 2002

As you may already be aware, we are still here!  Our plans for leaving July 2nd was underestimated.  With all the efforts on moving out of the house, selling of the business and thousands of other things, we neglected to find some time to test out the boat.   Our pre-leaving trial runs on lake St-François caused out helm to give way on the way back to our slip.  With the entrance being very narrow, we grounded into the mud.  Nothing serious but enough for us to lose about 15 minutes.  Out came the tiller and we made our way to the slip.  A close inspection indicated a few loose hex screws holding the hydraulic cable in place.  After spending an entire morning dismantling and reassembling the helm  pedestal, all seemed to work fine.  However, further tests caused the helm to give way again.  The same hydraulic cable became loose.  After reviewing the technical diagrams once again, we realized the two hex screws were added by the previous owner and Ron omitted to tighten one of them.  Now our helm works fine.

July 2nd came and went.  We asked our marina for an extension having only paid until July 2nd.  Unfortunately with the speed boat races in town, all the slips at our marina were rented out.  Fortunately they gave us until Friday July 5th.  So on July 5th we departed for Coteau Landing, a Federally owned public wharf.  There we remained working out all the kinks and installed the rest of our electronic equipment.  The last thing to do is to try to sell our van.  Numerous adds that have been placed have had no takers.

On July 12th, we drove back into Montreal to remove the rest of Ron's business files that had been stored at our parents while Ron was selling the business and closing off the accounting.  


We'll keep you posted on the exact departure date.  Ron is meeting with a wholesale broker for the van so if he is willing to handle selling it off, we should be leaving mid week.  However, We are forecasting Friday July 19th.



Update as of May 30 2002

Well things are really moving along.  We have been packing boxes for the last week preparing for moving out of our house on May 31.  Our dream is very close to being a reality as our house gets emptied out.  It's been a grueling couple of weeks.  Deborah left her current job on April 26 (on my birthday), I've been meeting potential buyers for my computer installations business and prepared the boat for her seasonal launch scheduled for May 11.  During which time, I needed to find time to test all the new electronic equipment being installed on the boat.  Whew, I'm winded just writing about it.

We had just recently spent that last two weekends holding a garage sale.  It's incredible what one can accumulate over 14 years in the same house.  My recommendation to everyone is to get a small house.  You have  much less space to collect things.  The hardest item I had to part with was my first and still perfectly working 10 speed bicycle I bought while working on my paper route at 12 years old.  Unfortunately I was unable to sell it during the garage sale ( all I was asking was $35 for a 28 year old bike) so I decided to give it to the Salvation Army.  I'm sure they can find someone would appreciate such a fine heirloom. 

On  May 29, which was yesterday, we signed all the documents for the transfer of our house to the new owners.  That's when it really sunk in: we have no longer a house with a roof over our head.  So our journey begins........

Deborah and I wish to take this opportunity to thanks our dear family and friends who have helped us pack, participate in 4 grueling days of price haggling at the garage sale and offered some of their precious space in their homes for our "stuff".  We love you dearly.