Departed July 25, 2002 and returned August 27, 2003

Journals of our 2002-2003.  USA, Cuba & Gulf of Mexico voyage

For the next year our trip should take us up the St-Lawrence River to Toronto, where we will have a cockpit enclosure installed.  From there, we will visit a few Islands on Lake Ontario such as the Main Ducks and Amherst Island.  Then we head off to  Oswego canal  as we make our way to New York harbor to see the Statue of Liberty.  We will make our way down the coast to the Florida Keys either by using the Intercostals waterways or the ocean.  Weather will determine our course.  From the Keys we move on to Cuba where will be sail around exploring the northern part.  We never got to visit the northern side of Cuba on our pervious vacations.  From Cuba we will cross the Gulf of Mexico and make our way to the Yucatan Peninsula where we will head down to Belize. 

As we leave Belize, we will head north making our way back up the Coast of Mexico where we are hoping to get our boat transported by truck or train to the Pacific side.  If we can accomplish this, we will explore the Pacific side of Mexico making our way to Melaque, a small fishing village, where we will meet up with our friends that currently live there.

At that point will decide if we transport our boat back to the Atlantic side and head up to the Southern Coastal States or head north on the Pacific side and make our way to B.C.  You'll have to stay tuned to find out.



Quebec & Ontario, Canada






Jumento Cays