Automatic Position Reporting System


APRS was developed by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, to track mobile GPS stations with two-way radio. The Naval Academy uses APRS in a number of applications for data, communications and telemetry.

With our mobile Garmin GPS 76 station, we will be sending out our longitude and latitude positions while sailing.  Our current position will be tracked  via APRS VHF Packet transmissions on frequency 144.390 MHz APRS and our on-board e-mail program Airmail, written and supported by Jim Corenman, KE6RK.  Periodically Airmail will send  our co-ordinates over the Winlink amateur radio network to the APRS database server.

Once our co-ordinates are upload, you will have the capability of tracking our progress by clicking on the square world below:

(click here)

Or the ShipTrack emblem bellow to get the latest tracking positions offered by
the Maritime Mobile Service Net. (ShipTrak)

      (or click here)


The APRS tracks our co-ordinates by using our amateur radio callsign va3rrz